Marriage day is important for all. But as the years pass by there are different stages that a couple goes by. A few years test you also. Here are stages of marriage and how to cross them.


Every bride walks down the aisle hoping love will make her marriage last for ever. but ask women a few years later if they’d marry the same man again and almost six out of ten say no, according to a study. So what happens between the “I do’s” and “I wish I hadn’t”? By showing women how to identify which phase they’re on, it’s possible to help them make their relationships stronger.

Stage 1: Hopeful bride:- This is the most idealized phased of a couple’s life together when you’re still enjoying the three key ingredients of a happy marriage passion, intimacy and commitment. At this stage you believe your man is your rock and that romance will last forever.

Prescription:- Passion and intimacy are easy to come by at this stage but you also need to develop friendship to sustain your marriage.

Stage 2: Perfect wife:- Two or three years in, you are starting to feel like social director, housekeeper and errand runner, all rolled into one. Research says problems start to arise here.

Prescription:- When bad habits surface it can be a shock. But remember no marriage is ideal. Work out what you can tolerate a nd what you can’t.

Stage 3: Child-centricity:- Once baby comes along, a woman’s attitude tends to change. Some women lose interest in their husband. Others train their men to become hands-on-fathers.

Prescription:- Never lose yourself in the role of mother: take care of your relationship, as well as your children. If you’re both happy to have a child-centric marriage, talk to your husband about how you want to raise your family.

Stage 4: Distance:- About 13 years into marriage, as children become more independent, many wives think about going back to work.

Prescription:- Wives who miss the closeness they once had must make a concerted effort to improve things by spending time with their husband.

Stage 5: Midlife divorce:- Many women start to wonder at this stage what they’re getting from th eir marriage. They’re earning money and the children are no longer as dependent as they may feel more confident about divorcing.

Prescription:- See a therapist on your own before you embark on marriage counselling. If you’re contemplating divorce, try a trial separation first.

Stage 6: Renegotiation:- At this stage between 15 and 30 years into your marriage you may be re-evaluating and deciding it’s better to be married after all.

Prescription:- Ask yourself if your single best friend is influencing you when she she raves about her love life. A new plan could help reinvigorate your relationship.

Stage 7: Balance:- You’ve come to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as your husband’s.

Prescription:- Be generous in support of your husband as you adjust to the changes in your lives, like grand parenting.

Stage 8: Compassionate Love:- As you start to approach your silver or golden anniversary, wives have learnt how important it is not to be disparaging of their husbands.

Prescription:- Be each other’s safety net. Don’t dredge up the past and don’t let go of grudges.


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