The Workout and Daily Diet


Cardio for 10-20 minutes Free weights for 20 minutes, concentrating on different body parts instead of working on a particular area. This includes sit-up crunches chair squats, and push ups.

DIET:- Drink HOT WATER on an empty stomach Morning snack includes a fruit, milkshake or juice. 10 minutes of warming up before cardio Everyday is a new workout — exercises to 45 minutes to one hour.

Eat a sandwich with cabbage, lettuce and egg for breakfast. Switch to oats or cereal for breakfast at times. Protein shakes and black coffee feature the best. Breakfast could also include oats and strawberry milkshake or apple juice and eggs.

Boiled brocolli or celery for lunch. Lunch options include also include vegetables, dal, fish, broccolli and chicken. For dinner — salads with different sauces and dressings. Must have pulses with brown rice about two or three hours before bedtime. Stays hydrated throughout the day with water and juice. Sometimes before bedtime, 30 to 45 minute training session.

Happy Workout and Dieting. :):):):)


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