All in all, a lazy person is the one who hates any kind of activity, physical as well as mental.

There is no scale to measure their magnitude. Nearly everyone gets bored to death if there’s nothing to do. They don’t need to party on a Saturday night or go to the beach on a pleasant morning. They can keep themselves amused sitting at a fixed corner of the bed from dawn to dusk. To all the laid-back and nonchalant people out there, this list is all for you!


‘Netflix and chill’ is the motto:- The coach on the bed is your favorite place to be. You can’t picture a home without them. And going out seems to be a lot of work. Even it’s just for fresher air.


Your bed is a mess:- What do you call a cell phone, a laptop, an Ipad, a tablet, wrappers of dark chocolate, a can of Coke, a heap of clothes spread out on a single bed? A beautiful mess?


You can sleep in denims:- You can vouch for how cozy they are! You may be seduced by your PJs but you aren’t going to trouble yourself for their sake. That would be a solemn injustice. So you choose to sleep in the clothes that you are now wearing.


Laundry is the devil:- You dread doing laundry even when you practically have no clean piece of cloth to put on the next day to office or college. You will exhaust yourself thinking of all the double options you ‘still have’ and when you’re doubly convinced that there is none, you know the time to face your fear has come.


Shower is toil:- Taking a shower is an elaborate process that mankind can absolutely do without. Aren’t there so many things you can do instead of having bath?


You’re tired of your alarm clock:- Sleeping is your favorite activity on earth. Needless to say, the alarm clock falls short of walking you up each morning. you two can never get along.


You have never been to the gym:- You’re incredibly jealous of the gym selfies in the Instagram feed of people. Who would want a body like that? One and all? Who would like to go to the gym? Not a soul.


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