What you need to know about ‘Low Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats ‘ food habits


1.I am diabetic for several years – is this diet suitable for me ?

Yes,it is suitable.You will need to make modifications to your routine and get adapted to it .You will see good results if you follow to the suggested plan .

2.Will the diet with help with weight loss and improve my blood pressure levels?

Yes,these are the two of the main benefits of this diet .these will be a reduced dependence on medication,improvements in insulin sensitivity,lower blood pressure and improvement in cholesterol levels,besides others.If you are on medication,you will speak to doctor ,who will be able to advise you on what precautions to take to reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia occurring.

3.What are the other health benefits of this diet ?

Early studies have now shown that the diet can have benefits for a wide variety of different health conditions :

-Heart Disease


-Alzheimer’s disease


-Parkinson’s disease

-Polycystic ovary syndrome





4.What does the new food habits of low carb healthy fats entail?

This is a very low carb,moderate protein and high healthy fat diet .it typically contains 70-75 % fat,20 % protein,and about 5-10% carbs .

Interms of grams per day ,it would be

-20-50 gm of carbohydrates

– 60-80 gm of protein

-No set limit for fat

Fats in the diet provide the majority of calories and no limit is set as energy requirements can very significantly from person to person

5.What are the food to avoid?

Any food that is highin carbs should be limited

-Grains or starches – Rice ,wheat ,cereals

-Fruits-most fruits except small portions of berries

– Root vegetables- potatoes,sweet potatoes,carrots

-Sugary foods -Soda ,fruits juice,smoothies,cake ,ice cream,chocolates

-Unhealthy fats – processed vegetables oils ,mayonnaise

-Alcohol – beer ,wine ,liquor

– Sugar- free diet foods ,sugar free candies,sweetener,desserts

6.What kind of food am I allowed to eat ?

You should base the majority of your meals around these food :-

– Meat – chicken,red meat ,beef ,pork

-Fatty fish – salmon,trout,tuna and mackerel

-Eggs- pastured or omega-3 whole eggs

-Butter & Cream – Grass-fed butter and heavy cream

-Cheese- unprocessed cheeses like cheddar ,goat ,cream ,blue or mozzarella

-Nuts and seeds – Almonds ,Walnuts,Flaxseeds,Pumpkins seeds ,chia seeds

-Avocados – whole avocados or freshly made guacamole

-Healthy oils- Extra virgin olive oils ,coconut oil and avocado oil

-Low carb veggies- green veggies,tomatoes,onions,capsicum

7.How long does it take to get adapted to this diet ?

With a low carb diet ,your bady will need to transition from burning glucose to using your body’s fat as fuel .It will take few days or weeks to get used to it .You may experience some gastrointestinal symptoms of carbohydrate withdrawal at first,but once you become fat -adapted ,it will be much easier.

8.What is the “Keto flu” and how can I avoid it?

Your body has always relied on glucose as its primary source of energy.Therefore,when you cut or reduce carbohydrates drastically,the body’s metabolism has to resort to burning fat for energy.The period of adaptation,which can take up to 4 weeks,can cause symptoms similar to flu like mild weakness or lack of energy.Change in bowel habits ,leg cramps and bad breath are other symptoms.This state is temporary and keeping yourself well hydrated should help.

9.Do I need to count or restrict calories?

No, a low carb healthy fat diet can be eaten to satiety.

10.I’m physically active,can i still do a low carb healthy fat diet?

You may need to reduce your workout intensity or not engage in anything that demands a lot of glucose while you try to get fat adapted.Carb re-feed days can be helpful for active people who might need carbs around the time of their workout.

11.Can i practice intermittent fasting on keto?

Yes,you can,it is a very useful tool to boost fat burning.however you should get keto adapted first before attempting it.

12.Are some tips and tricks to make it easier?

Although it can be challenging,the below measures can make it easier

-Look at food labels and check the grams of fat ,carbs and fiber to determine how it they can fit into your diet .

-Plan out your meals in advance

– Many websites ,food blogs ,apps and cookbooks also offer recipes and meal ideas that you can use to build your own custom menu.

-Some meals delivery services even offer keto friendly options for a quick and convenient way to enjoy keto meals at home .

This contents is built awareness only and does not represent professional medical advice.


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