We all know that regular exercises and a healthy diet can add years to our lives. However, there’s a school of thought out there that believes that is not enough. Certain physical characteristics can make you vulenrable to certain health risks. The length of a certain finger could lead to a simmering health problem, and becoming aware of that would help you prevent or prepare yourself for it. But it is not yet clear as to what led to the following assumptions.

Finger length:- If women have an index finger that’s shorter than the ring finger, then it means she’s prone to oseoarthritis of the knee. but if the index finger is longer or equal to the ring finger, you are safe. For those whose index finger is shorter than the ring finger is a need to exercise to strengthen your knees with squats and lunges. If you’ve been wondering at the connection arthritis has to finger length, both are said to be related to low levels of estrogen.

Arm length:- Your arms have a different story to tell. Extend them in a T-position. If the distance is less than 60 inches from fingertips to fingertips, you are prone to Alzheimer’s. These are signs to take up activities that stimulate the brains and body. It could be anything from playing the guitar to taking dance lessons or playing chess.

Small curves:- Those with calves that measure them less than 13 inches are likely to get stroke, so don’t forget to drink green tea daily to keep the fat at bay.

Length of legs:- There are reasons why long legs have that drool factor. But short legs seem to always be at the receiving end . This peculiar study drives it even further saying those with short legs are likely to develop liver disease. So if you are one of them, mind your drinking habits.

Wrinkled ears:- A linear wrinkle in you ear lobe which starts on the back of your ear lobe and runs across indicates that you are more likely to get a heart attack. So make sure to have a regular cardiovascular check-up and maintain a healthy weight.

Sense of smell:- If you have problem identifying food with their aromas, you are more likely to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. So feed your brain the right vitamins to keep your sense of smell sharp.



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