The only person we have to live with all through our lives, is ourselves. ‘That is why the first person we need to make peace with is our own self. Do we have the strength to be alone? Do we look at ourselves compassionately? Do we spend time on enriching our inner selves? Or, do we berate and belittle ourselves?


If we are leading a flawed existence, we will have many mental and emotional forces working against us. That is one reason why people run away from themselves. They do this is in various ways. Some over socialize, or they go from one activity to another without pausing and leaving time to breathe. Everything is one big rush with a packed schedule of engagements and things to do.


Rushing around, we have little time to think. This can affect our personality development and spiritual evolution.. But the moment realization sets in that self-discovery requires investment of time and energy, we seek moments of privacy, we invest time in spiritual pursuits, we set aside some time and we turn to meditation and prayer — all ways to discover our real selves.


If we trace the charts of some very successful people, we find that they have developed a single gift or a few gifts and made it to the top. But their inner lives may be in a mess. Often, they are lonely. So much has gone into making them “successful” that they have not had the time and patience to sort themselves or to really relate to others in a meaningful way.

Some would like to make a 360 degree burn once they they realize who they really are. That becomes difficult. Some have this realization at the time of unpending death. Since we are creatures of long habits, it becomes difficult to all of a sudden change direction.


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