Word choice matters, not only to those around us but internally, as well. Words have great power to heal.

The words we choose to say or repeat can have just as much of an effect on ourselves as they do on other people. Especially when we are in a position of power over other people, just as a leadership role or the role of parent or guardian. When you are in that leadership role, no matter what it is, people will look to you for guidance.

Word choice can mean the difference between properly motivating someone to do their very best and making them believe that they might as well not even try. This is true for all types of people, whether you are a leader talking to your workforce or a friend giving advice.

The words we use everyday make changes to everyone we speak to. Whether those changes we make are positive or negative largely depend on our choice of words and the way we use those words. Sometimes, our honesty may come across as cruelty if we use harsh words to communicate our true thoughts and feelings.

When you choose the wrong things to say, you are putting someone through the same pain and self-doubt, that you would experience. Take your time to change your language and you can save both yourself and someone else a lot of grief.

Even the words we use to talk to ourselves have impact on our lives. You may be speaking to someone else but your own words can still have a lasting effect on your mind and soul.

When we interact with people, we reinforce what we already believe, whether we mean to or not. Changing the words you use while talking to yourself can help shift your own personal perspective to a more positive, energetic one.

If you allow yourself to wallow in negativity, you will have an effect on everyone around you, not just yourself. The tone of spoken words also matters a lot. A soothing and calm voice will have a healing effect on the person listening to it.

Be careful with what you say, to others and to yourself too. Changing your internal mantra from negative words to more positive ones will inevitably give you a more positive outlook on life.


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