Say angels, and we think of ethereal, winged being in white bearing messages from God. It seems these beings are just a tip of the angel world. If one were to go by the holy books and scriptures, there are a variety of angels with distinct duties. The ones that stand out are NINE types of angels divided into three major groups called choirs. They are:-


These angels are said to be closest to God. They are referred as fiery serpents, and not even a divine being can look at them. They are often shown encircling the throne of God emitting fiery light. They are four in number, each having four faces and six wings. But when they visit the Earth, they shed their serpentine appearance and take on tall human forms.


These are believed to be the baby-faced angels, however their real depiction is far from child-like. Keepers of celestial records, ancient art portrays them as sphinx-like-creatures but with human faces. They are sent to Earth only when there’s huge task to be performed. For instance, it was a cherub that was assigned the task to banish Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Satan was said to be cherub before his fall from grace. The other cherubs are Ophaniel, Rikbiel, and Zophiel.


Yes, you’ve heard right. There is a group of angels called Thrones, who look quite strange. They look like glowing wheels full of eyes. Their shape gives away their purpose as they are said to be the chariots of God, who make sure that God’s word and judgement is carried out to its full effect. These angels are allowed to flit between the world of gods and human at will.


Dominions are said to be angels who receive orders from seraphim and cherubim, and delegate work to specific angels in the lower order. Zadkiel ( sometimes called Hashmal) heads this lot of angels.


Healers and the artistically inclined can feel flattered about this lot as when these angels choose to take earthly forms, they come to us as musicians, artists, healers and scientists who bridged the world between spiritual and the specific. In their original form, Virtues are seen as sparks of light, who overtook the order in the natural world and making a difference in the world of science. They also take orders from from the higher angels and create miracles when need be.


Powers, unlikely Virtues appear like bright colored, hazy fumes. They are said to patrol the threshold between heaven and Earth, and keep off demons wanting to take hold of the earth. Much has been debated about this angel order, as some believe that they are evil, others believe them  to be angels of birth and death. And when they do take human form, they chose to don the mantlle of experts and advisers especially in matters related to religion and theology.


These angelic beings are seen as rays of light. As their name suggests, principalities oversees everything. We can also call them multi-taskers as they not only guide only the entire world — nations, cities, and towns, but also keeps an eye on religion and politics in the world. There’s more — they also keep eye on angels and aid them in managing their duties on earth.


Archangels are like your guardian angels., except they are not. They are guardian angels for a bigger cause, and not individual needs. If or when mankind is in danger, it is the archangels who come to the earth’s rescue. There are four archangels altogether, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are the most famous of the lot, while Azrael is the least known among them. A school of thought believes that Satan Luicifer was archangel before he rebelled and fell from grace with God. Archangels are generally seen as action-orientated, and when they choose to be on earth, they are seen as explorers, philosophers, and human rights leaders.


There is where the angel that we know of, come in. When it comes to individual needs and  causes, these angels meditate between human and gods. They are often called by different names — guardian or personal. They are often called by different names — guardian or personal angels. They don’t have to watch over nations, but keep vigil over each being and ensure that “all is well” among God’s creations.


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