Every physical feature or human beings is the result of their thought process and mental make-up and thus reflects their destiny. The nose is especially believed to reveal crucial clues about your character. The physical construction of the nose, including factors such as elevation, depression, elongation and diminution, can be interpreted to reveal your potential intention and behavior.

Different types of noses and the personality traits associated with them.

PIG NOSE:- It appears to be like that of pig’s.


Personality traits:- A pig nose is generally associated with greed. you have an insatiable desire to acquire materialistic things and live the good life. You are selfish at times but can be duped easily by others. You also have an intellectual bent and are a perfectionist at work.


PARROT NOSE:- Hooked in shape. It looks like that of a parrot’s beak.


Personality traits:- If you are an owner of a parrot nose, you are lucky. you have the potential to rise with your own effort. You are an opportunist and a quick thinker. You think differently from others and often appear the rebel. But you are sensitive about what others think of you.


STRAIGHT NOSE:- It’s the perfect nose straight from forehead to tip without indentation.


Personality Traits:- If you have a straight nose, you are smart and clever. It’s easy to impress you with logic. Foolhardiness doesn’t go down with you well. You like to play innocent in front of others but are not. It takes time for people to know the real you. You prefer harmony and feel out of place in a discordant atmosphere.


ARCHED OR AQUILINE NOSE:- Many of the Mughal rules of India had an arched nose. It has a prominent bridge and is long in length with outward curve, neither pointing inwards nor outwards.


Personality traits:- The nose denotes a strong will power and the ability to take decisions independently. You have a very influential personality and an artistic temperament. You are not impulsive and elegance appeals to you. But you are also a snob by nature. You often look down upon others for their incapacity to match with your standard of living and thinking.


DOWNWARD-POINTED NOSE:- This one is sharp and pointed at the tip. The tip of the nose points towards the lips. It almost looks like an arrow head.


Personality traits:- You are short-tempered and do not settle for anything without an argument. you are prone to think that the world is conspiring against you. you are a sharp observer but because of your suspicious nature you draw skewed conclusions from situations. You are impatient and impulsive. You are dexterous at your work but become jealous if someone does better.


UPWARD-POINTED NOSE:- It has a concave curve and is turned up at the tip. It looks like a ski jump.


Personality traits:- You are a very moody person. It’s difficult to predict what you will like and what you won’t. You might say yes to something but the next moment you will change your mind. You are intuitive by nature and a good judge of character. You are also adventurous and friendly. With money, you are carefree and spend without thinking.


SNUB OR SHORT NOSE:- Everything about the nose appears small including the length of the bridge, narrow nasal passage and small nostrils.


Personality traits:- You are an amiable person. You like to do everything the tried and and tested way. Taking risk doesn’t fall under your umbrella. Sometimes you can be a bad listener and find it hard to see another person’s point of view.


PLUMP OR FAT NOSE:- It is big and fleshy, and broad at the base. Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s nose fits this description.


Personality traits:- You are dominating and do not like to take orders. You live life on your terms and think big. Doing small tasks is not your thing. At times you can become too controlling and can get easily offended. Your luck with money is good. You like to splurge and indulge in luxuries.


FLAT NOSE:- It looks like it’s been squashed like the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali’s.


Personality traits:- You are brave, aggressive and trustworthy. your brain functions faster than the average person. On the flip side, you may fall into controversies because of your aggressive nature and have to struggle to reach your goals.


BUMP NOSE:- Has a speed-breaker like bump in the middle.


Personality traits:- This type of nose signifies you have a strong personality. You are a good negotiator. However, you are not respectful of other people’s opinion. You become aggressive to put your point across.



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